Colour 0.3.9, Colour - HDRI 0.1.2 and ACES - Retrospective and Enhancements!

The website has been quiet recently but it does not mean nothing happened!

Colour 0.3.9 has been released, Colour - HDRI 0.1.2 was also released and the ACES community has addressed an important feedback paper to the Academy.

Colour 0.3.9 has been released!

This release introduces some significant spectral computations performance improvements and various new objects:

  • Spectral code optimisations resulting in increased computations performance:
    • colour.SpectralPowerDistribution and colour.TriSpectralPowerDistribution classes are now 6.5 times faster.
    • colour.colour_quality_scale definition is now 10.5 times faster.
    • colour.colour_rendering_index definition is now 13.1 times faster.
    • colour.uv_to_CCT_Ohno2013 definition is now 15.7 times faster.
  • Correlated colour temperature to chromaticity coordinates uv computation accordingly to Krystek (1985) method.
  • Support for Luo et al. (2006) CIECAM02 based uniform colourspaces and colour differences.
  • Support for Dolby ICTCP colourspace.
  • Support for Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3 log curves.
  • colour.RGB_Colourspace class can now either use instantiation time transformations matrices or derived ones. Consequently, the following RGB colourspaces Normalised Primary Matrices were replaced with the litterature ones: ACES Primaries 0, Adobe RGB (1998), ALEXA Wide Gamut RGB, CIE RGB, ROMM RGB, sRGB, V-Gamut. This introduces small computation discrepancies compared to Colour 0.3.8.
  • Implement support for Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3 log curves.
  • Implement support for RedWideGamut RGB colourspace and Log3G10, Log3G12 log curves.
  • Implement support for ACEScct colourspace and ACEScct log curves.

Visit the releases page for complete details.


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