Colour 0.3.9 is available!

Colour 0.3.9 is available!

This release introduces some significant spectral computations performance improvements and various new objects:

  • Spectral code optimisations resulting in increased computations performance:
    • colour.SpectralPowerDistribution and colour.TriSpectralPowerDistribution classes are now 6.5 times faster.
    • colour.colour_quality_scale definition is now 10.5 times faster.
    • colour.colour_rendering_index definition is now 13.1 times faster.
    • colour.uv_to_CCT_Ohno2013 definition is now 15.7 times faster.
  • Correlated colour temperature to chromaticity coordinates uv computation accordingly to Krystek (1985) method.
  • Support for Luo et al. (2006) CIECAM02 based uniform colourspaces and colour differences.
  • Support for Dolby ICTCP colourspace.
  • Support for Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3 log curves.
  • colour.RGB_Colourspace class can now either use instantiation time transformations matrices or derived ones. Consequently, the following RGB colourspaces Normalised Primary Matrices were replaced with the litterature ones: ACES Primaries 0, Adobe RGB (1998), ALEXA Wide Gamut RGB, CIE RGB, ROMM RGB, sRGB, V-Gamut. This introduces small computation discrepancies compared to Colour 0.3.8.
  • Implement support for Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3 log curves.
  • Implement support for RedWideGamut RGB colourspace and Log3G10, Log3G12 log curves.
  • Implement support for ACEScct colourspace and ACEScct log curves.

Visit the releases page for complete details.


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